February 4, 2020

Credit Bureau free loan from abroad

A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad can be helpful for the loan seeker if German banks reject a loan due to the negative characteristics stored in the Credit Bureau. A negative Credit Bureau builds up very quickly, you only need not have paid a cell phone bill once or forgot an open department store bill, and a message is sent to the Credit Bureau.

Even a loan request is saved in the Credit Bureau, regardless of whether the loan is used or not. These negative entries naturally downgrade the creditworthiness of a loan seeker. Even if entries have long been completed, the entries still remain three years.

The way out can be a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad

The way out can be a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad

The way out of this predicament is a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. There are numerous loan offers on the Internet that primarily come from Switzerland. To obtain such a form of credit, a credit broker usually has to be involved. This usually has numerous contacts with Astro Banks and, in the best case, can find the right loan for a loan seeker.

However, when contacting a credit broker, care should be taken to ensure that it is serious. Especially on the Internet, black sheep are bustling with the upfront costs without even getting a loan. A reputable credit broker discloses his expenses and only pays his commission after the loan has been paid out.

Foreign loans and their conditions

Foreign loans and their conditions

Swiss loans, too, if they are granted without a Credit Bureau query, have their provisions. A credit seeker is checked for creditworthiness in the same way that German banks do, but not with Credit Bureau information. The loan seeker receives a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad who can prove a regular work income and who is not self-employed. Since value is placed on a permanent employment contract, unemployed, Hartz IV recipients and the self-employed are excluded from lending.

A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad is usually limited in its loan amount, the maximum loan amounts range from 3,500 to 5,000 USD depending on the creditworthiness. The term is also limited, it must not exceed 40 months.

The interest rates are usually higher than those at German banks, approx. 9 to 14% pa are calculated. Since there are big differences, a loan comparison is worthwhile. A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad can be made by a credit broker or the loan seeker contacts a Astro Bank by applying online.

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